Welcome to the ignitr Support Page, where you can find answers to questions about ignitr and your content management tools. Check out these tutorials designed to enhance your experience and assist you in utilizing our engines. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


The WYSIWYG editor provides a simple, straightforward way to edit content.


A blog is a web page on which you can record opinions, add images, link to other sites, and assert your business niche on a regular basis.

Page Content

The Pages engine allows you to update text, images, videos and links that appear on different pages of your website.


Flares are ways to quickly and conveniently manage lists and feeds that routinely change.


AdServer provides space to promote products or services to target user groups and can manage large, high-resolution images.


The Gallery is a simple photo management tool used to organize photos into albums with descriptions.


Sparks are reusable buckets of website content that remain uniform throughout the site.


The Products engine allows administrators to price, categorize, and post relevant product information.


FAQs document help content and answer customer questions.


Snarks are dynamic elements that change blocks of text randomly to add personalization to a site.

Staff Directory

Introduce your team in the Staff Directory.


The Testimonials engine uniquely displays written or spoken statements proving the quality of your product or service.


bxSlider is a content management engine that allows large volumes of promotional content to be visible in a small space. 

Contact Basic

Contact Basic is an engine that allows website visitors to easily submit their contact information.

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