Adding a New Album  |  Editing an Existing Album

Adding a New Album

  1. Click the Gallery tab in the navigation bar of administrative site.
  2. To add an album, select Add Album in the sidebar.
  3. Add an album title and include a short description of the album.
  4. Click Add Album to publish album to live site.
  5. After album has been added, select Manage Images to add images.
  6. Insert .jpg image by clicking Select JPG and add an image description if necessary.
  7. Reorder images by dragging and dropping the thumbnails.

Editing an Existing Album

  1. Select Manage Albums in the sidebar.
  2. Click Edit to edit the entire album.
    Explanation of WYSIWYG functions available in other walkthroughs. Find them here.
  3. Click Manage Images to edit or delete image content.
  4. Click Delete to remove an album from your site entirely.
  5. Once you have finished editing, click Publish Edit to publish changes to the album.
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