Adding a New Ad  |  Editing an Existing Ad

Adding a New Ad

  1. Click the AdServer tab in the navigation bar of administrative site.
  2. To add a new item, select Add Item to insert new ad.
  3. Type a title in the Ad Title textbox.
  4. Select a category via the ad Category dropdown menu.
  5. Select .jpg from computer for ad by clicking the Ad Image textbox.
  6. If your ad links to an external site, provide the URL address in the Ad Link textbox. (For internal links, start the link with the slash that follows your domain extension. For example, If you want to link to a page in your site with the URL you only need to add “/about/staff/” to the URL field in the pop up.)
  7. Target your ad.
    Choose to open in same or new window.
  8. If your add appears in a list, you can include an abstract to appear with the ad.
  9. Schedule your ad for removal by designating the display dates.
  10. Activate your ad and click Add New Item to publish it to your live site.

Editing an Existing Ad

  1. Click Edit next to the ad you wish to edit.
  2. To remove an ad from the live site but save it for future use, select Inactive.
  3. When you have finished editing the ad, click Publish Edit.
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