Contact Basic


  1. Click Contact Basic in the navigation bar of administrative site.
  2. Select Settings from the sidebar.
  3. In the From Address textbox, type the email address from whom the user’s confirmation message will be sent.
  4. In the Recipients textbox, enter the email address where you will receive notifications when a user submits the contact form.
  5. Under the Region, Country, State/Province, and City drop down menus, you can select defaults to appear on your site’s contact form.
  6. Enter text into the Intro Message textbox to be displayed at the top of your contact form before people complete the form.

    Explanation of WYSIWYG functions available in other walkthroughs. Find them here.
  7. In the Success Message textbox, enter a message that will appear after users successfully submit the contact form.
  8. Enter text into the Confirmation Message that is emailed to the user after the contact form is successfully submitted.
  9. Type the text you’d like to appear on the contact form submission button in the Button Text textbox.
  10. Click Save Settings to publish settings changes to your live site.
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