Custom Web Applications

Often times out-of-the-box software solutions just won’t cut it.  Custom applications provide you with a personalized solution equipped for specific tasks. We strategically build applications to address and achieve your primary business goals. You define the focus of your application.  Communicate your vision with us. We work with you to conceptualize your needs. The first step in framing a successful solution is finding your need — a business area that needs improvement or innovation.

Integrate your application with other ignitr tools to save cost; a percentage of all ignitr applications are prebuilt. And, if the prebuilt ignitr services are not enough, we can integrate your application with third parties through APIs. Our team will even build small applications to test your key assumptions before you invest in a large project.

Your custom solution will provide a competitive advantage, and your support team at Space2Burn will provide immediate fixes and systematic support. We always provide documentation that proves our ability to understand and implement your application’s needs. As with most elements of a growing business, the development of your new application follows a process. Take the lead. Our team will listen to you, look at your previous designs, and document developments. Using your experience in business and pairing it with our knowledge of marketing and developing ensures the knowledge required for your application to perform better. We document all actions including updated wireframes of your application’s flow and functionality.

After you’ve settled on the graphic and textual elements of your application’s design, we’ll start implementing them into code. Once your application has been developed, it is integrated into the ignitr platform. Thereafter, routine tests improve the usability and functionality of the application.

Business owners or entrepreneurs like you should use available time for expanding business revenue, not learning how to build custom applications. When user expectation and technology evolves, so should your needs. Ignitr is here to help communicate those needs through innovation where you are the professional and we are behind the scenes. 

Case Study: Venture Superfly

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