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How do you compete with another website or business that has a large budget and promotional capability? How do you create a functional yet great looking site within a budget that fits your needs? More importantly, how do you know you’re picking the right solution? These are the types of questions that often overwhelm small businesses. Most inexpensive website solutions require you to know something about building websites. Or, even worse, they’re static solutions riddled with bugs and inconsistencies. That’s why we’ve created ignitr, an intuitive platform with small businesses in mind.

But, before you select your website building solution, you should know what a website can offer your business. A website often acts as a promotional tool offering customers a first-look at your product or service. It can assert your position as a premier provider. Creating a new website gives site-visitors a reason to form a relationship with your product or service. An ignitr site acts as the hub for all online and offline marketing.

Once you’ve decided why you’re going to build a new website, there are some technical aspects to consider. Content management systems (CMS) exist to make the process of building and managing a website easy for the non-developer. Unfortunately, other solutions, like WordPress, are unsupported, leaving customers to fend for themselves. A developer does not typically come with a CMS. So, if you’re going to invest in a brand new site, it helps to see it as an ongoing process. Websites are never finished — user expectation and technology constantly change. Site engagement is now a two-way effort between administrator and site-user, and ignitr acts as a tool to promote that engagement.

You will work directly with the ignitr team to invent a uniquely branded and affordable web-experience. And, because ignitr is a Space2Burn product, we guarantee support and thorough fixes that won’t fall apart with updates. Build your website as time and budget allow, adding new engines or custom components. Continue to ask our team questions along the way as your needs grow with your business.   

The ignitr system is easy to learn and manage. Access your site from the back-end to update or alter content and improve search engine optimization (SEO) by the inclusion of keywords and blog posts. Ignitr can handle mass content including text, images, video and unlimited integrations. The ignitr system also supports multiple ecommerce solutions. And, if one of the many integrations does not specifically suit your business need, we can build a custom solution. We’ve also built ignitr within the cloud, simplifying the web-building process and providing unmatched security.

Promote your services and build a professional image online. Ignite your site with ignitr.

Case Study: Martha O’Hara Interiors

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