We’ve built ignitr to answer the calls of small businesses around the world.‚Äč Small business owners should use their time doing what makes their business money, not learning how to build websites. With this in mind we developed ignitr as the premier online resource for launching and maintaining small business websites.

What is ignitr?

ignitr is a cloud-based content management system and rapid development framework. Lots of techno-lingo there, so let’s sort it out.

Content management and CMS

There are dozens of content management systems (CMS) on the market today, none of which meet the needs of small businesses. Most of today’s CMSs are built for developers to give clients access to manage content. The concept is sound but when a web developer builds tools, usability is not always at the front of the developer’s mind. The tools in ignitr are the easiest to use on the market. And if you can’t figure out how to make a site work, you’ll have resources, including people, available to help you sort out your questions. Stand-alone CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla tend to put people on the road to Frustration City because they are confusing to use and are almost always unsupported. Come hang out in Easyville.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology is a general term to indicate computing that happens outside the device you are using, usually a server. The benefits of cloud computing are many, but the greatest benefit is that processing times are significantly quicker, which allows us to program lots of fun things — things that as of three years ago, weren’t even possible. Another major benefit: we can make changes to technology at central location to benefit everybody who shares it — we don’t have to improve things on a one-by-one basis. The result is technology that evolves significantly faster than the olden days of 2004. These are the reasons cloud-based solutions change the game. A client can ask for an innovation, we can think “everyone will benefit from that change,” and implement the improvement to everyone using the system.

Rapid development framework

Think of ignitr as a series of plug-and-play components that control different aspects of a website. The components — we call engines — enable ignitr users to easily create, manage, or edit site content using a tailored administrator panel. On top of standard engines, we can also create custom functionality and features by reusing standard components, combining components, or creating entirely new components. We can also integrate other technologies that already exist. Reinventing the wheel is rarely efficient, so we let ignitr communicate with email, eCommerce, audio, video, and other services for a more complete and fulfilling user experience.

Where are things going?

As user expectation and technology continue to advance, so should the functionality of content management systems. Websites have become more than a way to display static content; they have become a way to communicate and help innovative businesses grow, and ignitr will always be there with you.

Migrations to ignitr are probably more affordable than you think. Contact us for a free quote.

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