Sometimes an existing site may look modern and aesthetically pleasing but it requires technical personnel to manage, which is inefficient and costly. With a complex and rigid content management system, administrators are left with a stagnant site. And, if problems persist, the quality of your business’ website may suffer. For the most part, communication with other developers is inconsistent or unsatisfactory. This is because some developing companies form an initial relationship with a client but fail to build upon that relationship when it really matters, months after your site is live. So, what are your options? Can you easily manage site content without developer permissions? Can you, as an administrator, improve your site’s functionality? Is your support team readily available? And, will the often-complex elements of site development affect your business?

If you’ve reached a point where your site can no longer grow the way you want it to, our team recommends an ignitr website migration. Space2Burn is not an AWOL freelancer or a company that says “see ya” after your site is live. You’ll never be without a developer again. You’ll have a team you can trust.

We develop a general plan of action that includes migration efforts into the scope of your entire project. Ignitr’s framework not only replaces the existing tools but also works to accommodate your unique business needs. Our reliable team will support you and your site along the way, while saving you time and money.

Flexibility makes future website transactions more efficient as technological understanding improves. Anticipating this continuous change is the easiest way for you to save money in the end. Our ambition is to improve the administrator’s ability to make timely updates and changes to a site. Update your site on your own terms; we’re here when you need us.

And, unlike sites managed under the WordPress name, our rapid development framework, ignitr, seeks to provide a user-friendly admin interface that can manage a large number of pages and integrations effectively. Ignitr is also a cloud-based solution. This means your data is safely stored on our network.

In addition, we provide website development environments to test the functionality of your site before pushing it live; this makes for seamless migrations. Ignitr can track all content changes, so you can view and edit previous postings if you’ve made a mistake or just wish to “undo” your current changes.

Keeping up to date with ignitr is easy. We’ll inform you on the changes to the system as they come, testing your site for you so that it continues to represent your business.

Case Study: Midtown Greenway Coalition

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